Pizzaliña is your new next level pizzeria on the island. Pizzas made from cold fermented dough with the authentic Neapolitan quality baked in a real Ambrogi oven (all the way from Italy) but with a 2022 modern touch. Got curious? Check our menu or our social media and make your mouth watering.


Cafelito is your ‘All day, every day brunch and dinner cafe’.
Yup, you read that well, ‘All day’. At Cafelito we don’t stick to meal times.

Why? Because we know what it’s like to crave fries with a mimosa on the side at Sunday Morning, or when you feel like eating steak for lunch. Gamba’s at 11 o’clock, why not? At Cafelito it is all possible. Besides that, we looove long brunches with a table full of food and a can of Sangria or bottle of Prosecco (oh what the hack make it Champagne) to share and celebrate life. 

The name 'Cafelito'

When I was a little boy I used to live with my grandparents for a while. I have a lot of beautiful memories from that time but there is one thing in particular that really stuck with me. My grandfather ‘Papay’ used to yell from his chair in the living room to my grandmother: “Lillian da me un cafelito”. So when we wanted to open a coffee place the name was easily chosen. Our idea just got a bit out of hand and enthusiastic as we are we decided to make ‘Cafelito’ more then coffee and turn it in to a real restaurant (we just love food too much).


Robert & Natasha